Sugar plum tea


Saturday, December 10, 2022
Ridgeline High School, Auditorium
Important Information
Write your student’s name on their shoes, leotard, tights, dance bag, etc.
The students will be checked in at main doors to the auditorium for rehearsal and performance at the auditorium. This door is located on the NORTH side of the building, just inside the auditorium entrance. We will have signs posted.  
Punctuality is a must! Please allow extra time for travel and arrive a little early to the auditorium. Our rehearsals run on time and by being late you run the risk of your dancer not being able to rehearse prior to their performance.
Rehearsals begin on time (if you are late you risk your student not getting a chance to practice prior to the performance, and not getting pictures in their costumes on stage), see schedule below for general information (handouts were given out the week of November 15th with more specific information).
Please go over the theater policy information with your dancer so they know what behavior is expected of them. Specifically address those areas in bold.
Water is the only thing that is acceptable. Please make sure your dancer has had something to eat before the rehearsal and performance.ATTIRE. Students should arrive for rehearsal dressed in: female) pink tights, pink shoes, leotard, with hair done to instructor’s specifications, if they give no specifics then dancers should wear their hair in a bun. Buns should be just below the crown of the head in back, use lots of hair gel and hair spray to slick back bangs. A hair net over the bun helps keep the fly-away hairs in place, and no extra hair “things” in their hair. Male) black tights, black shoes, black socks, and hair pulled neatly away from their face, so that they are ready to change into their costumes since there won’t be time between the rehearsal and performances to do hair and makeup.
Check with your students Instructor if they are needed.  Parent Helpers will stay with the class during the rehearsal and performance and do not need a ticket for the show.
Parent helpers are there to assist the instructors with getting the students ready to go for the rehearsal and performances. They are not baby sitters so please be on time to pick up your students.
Students who are performing and Parent Helpers will not need a ticket for the performance. Tickets for all others (which are free) will be available online beginning November 15, 2021 at:
Available for purchase below:
Ridgeline High School has specific areas we are allowed to use and others we are not.  Many productions and crews use the school as well as the School of Ballet.  We are guests in the auditorium and must be respectful of the building and all property in it.  Parents, siblings, and friends are not allowed backstage, in dressing rooms, or in the auditorium during the rehearsal (unless they are parent helpers with the appropriate credentials—which are given the day of the show).  Parents, siblings, and friends are also not allowed backstage and in dressing rooms during the performance.  No running in the auditorium anywhere and talking should be kept to a minimum when in all common areas.
Students will remain in their seats with their instructors and parent helpers during the shows until the end of the show when they will be excused by class to find their parents in the lobby.
Thank you for your support!  We are so looking forward to seeing our amazing dancers perform at our annual Sugar Plum Tea Performance.
General Schedule Information
Show #1
Classes performing in this show coming Soon
Student Arrival
9:00 am
Rehearsal Starts
9:15 am
Door Open for Audience
10:15 am
10:30 am
Show #2
Classes performing in this show coming Soon
Student Arrival
12:00 pm
Rehearsal Starts
12:15 pm
Door Open for Audience
1:15 pm
1:30 pm
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