The School's year is divided into three semesters.
August-December • (15-week semester)
January-May • (17-week semester)
June-July • (5-week semester)
*New* May-August • (All summer clases for Level 6-10)
Ballet Terms
It is helpful for students to study the terminology they must learn for each level. Students are tested beginning in Level 1 during the Spring Semester:
Level 1 Terms  Level 2 Terms  Level 3 Terms  Level 4 Terms  Level 5 Terms  Level 6 Terms  Level 7 Terms  Level 8 Terms  Level 9 & 10 Terms 
The School offers several levels and styles of dance instruction
Performance Opportunities
The Cache Valley Civic Ballet-School offers one to two performing opportunities a year. The first performance is our Clara's Dream Performance in December at the end of the Fall Semester for our Pre-Ballet 2 through Level 4 students.  Dancers learn variations fromThe Nutcracker and wear costumes owned by The School for the show, so there are no costume or performance fees.  The second performing opportunity is in May at the Year-End Performance at end of the Spring Semester.  All students of The School’s (except our Pilates classes) will have the opportunity to perform.  For this performance students will wear their classical ballet attire (dress code for The School). Additional performing opportunities are presented through The Company (these are audition based, see Auditions page for more information).
Technique Classes
Technique Classes are designed to promote the study of Ballet as a fine art. Students will learn the basics of classical ballet from our youngest dancers (Toddler Dance, must be 3 years old and potty trained prior to the start of each semester. Pre-Ballet Level 1, must be 4 years old prior to the start of each semester) through our most advanced students (Level 10).  We also offer Teen/Adult class in both beginning and intermediate/advanced ballet classes. Students are monitored and assessed each semester for next level readiness.  Advancements from those assessments happen at the beginning of our school year, in our Fall Semester.  Student in levels 1-8 are also tested in ballet terminology and complete a written exam each year during our Spring Semester.  Those terms can be found above on this page.  Our Pre-Ballet 2 through Level 4 classes have been extended an additional 15 minutes to develop performance skills appropriate for their individual levels and to focus on upcoming performance preparation.
Teen & Adults
Teen & Adults Classes are for teens and adults to learn and participate in ballet. Ballet helps to teach proper placement and posture of the body, while also strengthening and toning different muscle groups.  We offer two classes, one for beginners through intermediate and the other intermediate through advanced dancers.  There is also the option of performing in the Year-End Performance in May.
Pilates for Dancers
Pilates exercises help both men and women of all ages, especially dancers.  The benefits of Pilates can include building core strength and stability, improved posture, alignment, increased flexibility, balance, muscle endurance and tone, helps prevent injuries, heightened body awareness, and can relieve stress and back pain.  This is the perfect complement to any dancers training.
Ballet for Figure Skaters
Ballet for Ice Skaters is a class that offers classical ballet training and technique for figure skaters.  Classes are designed to promote the study of Ballet as a fine art. Students will learn the basics of classical ballet from our syllabus. Learning ballet will enrich figure skater’s skills and artistry, showing more expressiveness, musicality, smoothness, and elegance in their skating.  It will also, help improve their strength and posture for better balance, flexibility, and jumps.  Classes will be located at the Eccles Ice Area in North Logan.
Warmup and Variations Class
Classes will include a one-hour warmup, followed by a one-hour Variations class.  This class is open to all intermediate and advanced ballet dancers (Level 6-10). Dancers who are taking a technique class with the Cache Valley CivicBallet-School will be offered a 50% discount for this class.  They will learn technique in addition to a variation for their own personal development. Variations have many uses for students from auditions for Summer Intensives, to competitions like YAGP - where dancers can compete and receive scholarships to many different ballet programs around the world.
Drop-In Classes and Private Lessons
Drop-In Classes: Dancers who are not able to register for a full semester may use our Drop-In Classes as an option for taking ballet classes.  This option is only available in our:  Level 6-10, Teen/Adult, and Pilates classes. We recommend registering and paying for those classes ahead of time so the administrator can notify the instructor you are coming.  Please do not come with cash, our instructorsdo not take payments in class.

Private Lessons are available through Cache Valley Civic Ballet-School. Arrangements can be made with the instructor of choice.
Where are Classes Held?
The Whittier Community Center
290 North 400 East
Logan, UT

The Studio
165 West 1600 North, Ste 140
Logan, UT
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Cache Valley Civic Ballet–School
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