The School's year is divided into three semesters.
August-December • (15-week semester)
January-May • (17-week semester)
June-July • (5-week semester)
Ballet Terms
It is helpful for students to study the terminology they must learn for each level. Students are tested beginning in Level 1 during the Spring Semester:
Level 1 Terms  Level 2 Terms  Level 3 Terms  Level 4 Terms  Level 5 Terms  Level 6 Terms  Level 7 Terms  Level 8 Terms  Level 9 & 10 Terms 
The School offers several levels and styles of dance instruction
Technique Classes
Technique Classes are designed to promote the study of Ballet as a fine art. Students will learn the basics of classical ballet.
Toddler Classes
Toddler Classes are designed for students ages 3 and up (turns 3 by Sept 1 for Fall Semester, turns 3 by January 31 for Spring Semester, turns 3 by June 1 for Summer Semester, and potty trained).  They introduce dance movement and coordination skills to young dancers.
Teen & Adults
Teen & Adults Classes are for teens and adults to learn and participate in ballet. Ballet helps to teach proper placement and posture of the body, while also strengthening and toning different muscle groups.
Turns, Jumps, and Variations
Turns, Jumps, and Variations is a class designed to further develop the dancer's ability to turn and jump, and increase the student's knowledge of different variations and styles to help prepare for auditions and performances.
Modern Dance Classes
Modern Dance is a dance style that centers on dancer's freedom for expression with no boundaries, you can simply dance through your feelings and create unique art forms.
Pilates for Dancers
Private Lessons
Private lessons are available through Cache Valley Civic Ballet-School. Arrangements can be made with the instructor of choice.
Where are Classes Held?
The Whittier Community Center
290 North 400 East
Logan, UT
Mailing Address
Cache Valley Civic Ballet–School
Attn: Karyn
PO Box 656
Logan, UT 84323-0656
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