Public Casting for Alice in Wonderland

Thank you for auditioning for Alice in Wonderland!

Those who have been selected from our public cast audition are listed below. They will also be notified by email with important information and instructions. Please watch for an email from

If you have not received an email please contact us. There is mandatory parent meeting Tuesday, January 23, 2024 at 5:30 p.m. at the Whittier Community Center.

If you have questions please contact

Jessa Buckley
Maire Collins
Brielle Edwards
Samantha Hansen
Halle Higley
Rosslynn Prasomatikom
Jackie Smith
Grettle Stoker
Emmie Thompson
Retta Warner

Sabrina Hadfield

Queen's Pages
Frankie Barbarito
Meg Buckley
Lola Chambers
Liliana Fletcher
Vivian Hadfield
Lucille Kleiner
Yui Miller
Millie Rusch

Jumping Jacks
Meg Buckley
Yui Miller

Dodo Birds
Skye Grange
Evelyn Hill
Esther Knapp
Alisa Miller
Ainsley Robeson

March Hare
Kate Hopkin

Door Mouse
Troy Hansen

Flower Presenters
Emmie Brown
Maggie Martineau
Lila Watterson
Cast List Coming Soon!
Check back later for casting announcements!
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