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Ruby Hall

Ruby Hall has been a patron of the arts for twenty two years with experience in several departments of the artistic world. A Utah native, raised in a very cultural home with a family that embraced the joys of music and dance assisted her growth as an artist. She began piano lessons at age five at the University of Utah preparatory division under the instruction of Merla Little for 12 years. Her dance training began the same year at local studios and quickly transitioned to Ballet West Academy where the bulk of her training took place. The academy taught her about discipline, etiquette, dedication, technique, stylistic appreciation, and stylistic experimentation. With the combination of music and ballet training for so many years, she naturally developed a deeper understanding of music and dance as a duo. She continued her education at the University of Utah where she studied and completed a bachelor's degree in piano performance under the instruction of Vedrana Subotic. These four years provided her with further knowledge of music history, music theory, musicianship, accompanying, composing, analytical writing, teaching, and performance opportunities as a pianist and dancer. After graduating in 2016 she transitioned to the North West to experience a new environment teaching private piano and flute lessons, group classes, and ballet technique to children and adults. Ruby is thrilled to be in Logan in the comfort of her home state and she looks forward to nurturing the artistic progress of the community in Cache Valley.

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