2019 Summer Intensive

Please note the updates to the 2019 Summer Intensive:

The regular intensive will run from July 29 - Aug 10, 2019. Dancers can attend week one, week two, or both weeks.

The Mini-Intensive (geared towards ages 8-12, beginning to intermediate dancers) will run in two 1-week sessions during the duration of the regular Intensive.


Intermediate Intensive

1 Week $150
2 Weeks $300

Advanced Intensive
1 Week $200
2 Weeks $400

There will be a $25 late fee added if tuition is paid after July 1, 2019. Drop in rates available upon request.

Contact Vivian Taylor at:

Summer Intensive Registration

** The Blue/Interdediate level is full**

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Dancer's Name
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I understand that by registering, I release Cache Valley Civic Ballet from any liability or expense arising from my child's participation in the Summer Intensive. I similarly authorize a representative of CVCB to contact emergency services should accident or injury occur. I give permission for any photos or videos taken by staff during the intensive to be property of CVCB.

If you’ve already registered, and just need to pay your fee, you may pay below.

Price per week

Schedule (Updated 7/28/19, Subject to change)


Mini Intensive

Mini Intensive (8-12 yrs old):
5 days M-F, 2hrs/day
$125 / week

Contact Vivian Taylor at:

Mini Intensive Registration

**Week 1 is full and no longer accepting registration**

Dancer's Name *
Dancer's Name
2 Hours a Day M-F; exact time TBA but after 1:30 and before 4pm
Is there flexibility in your schedule to be available another week if grouping students ages and/or abilities could optimize their experience?
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If you have registered for the mini intensive, and need to pay, you may do so here.