Submitting your Audition Video

1. Record Your Audition

Video submissions should include a full barre on 1 side only.
Center work should include one tendu combination, 1 adage, 2 pirouette combinations, 2 petite allegro combinations, and 1 grand allegro combination
For those dancers on pointe: 2 pointe combinations at the barre or in center (wherever the dancer is most comfortable)
Submissions should be no longer than 20 minutes.

2. Upload to YouTube

If you are uploading several videos, please ensure you edit them together into one clip. Upload instructions are here.
When you have a final audition video to submit, fill out the fields as follows:
Title Your name
Description CVCB Intensive Audition
Tags Leave blank
Category Education or Music
Privacy Set to UNLISTED (this ensures that no-one apart from the panel will be able to see your audition)

3. Submit your Video Audition and Pay your Fee 

Name *
Phone *
Paste the link to your video here.

Questions about uploading your video? Contact Greg Ellis.

Questions about the CVCB Ballet Intensive? Contact Steffanie Casperson