Public cast audition results

alice in wonderland 2019

Thanks to all of you who auditioned for Alice in Wonderland! This year we had an overwhelming number of dancers try out. With few parts to fill and so many capable dancers, it was challenging to make selections. We so appreciate your interest in being part of our production. If you were not selected for this show, please continue dancing and consider auditioning for Nutcracker this fall. The dates and times of the audition will be posted on 

If you were selected, please watch for an email with details about your participation in this production. Also, please check the rehearsal schedule.

Audition Results:

8 Queens Pages: Act II Scenes 13, and 14  Queens Garden
Hannah Anderson
Kate Baldwin
Layla McBride
Olivia Kleiner
Eliza Banham
Eleanor Buckley
Ivy Buckley
Sophie Anderson

2 Jumping Jacks: Act I Scene 11A
Kate Baldwin
Layla McBride

6 Dragon Flies: Act I Scene 6  Garden
Mae DeBerard
Savanna Hansen
Lydia Reese
Abi Israelsen
Livia Nebeker
Rosie Wilson

Hedge Hog: Act II Scene 13 Croquet Game
Troy Hansen

Door Mouse: Act I Scene 12 Tea Party
Rowan Tiegler-Green

Flower Presenters
Silvie Ellis
Sophie Filimoehala
Alisa Miller