Public cast audition results

Nutcracker 2017

Updated 9/25/17

Thank you for auditioning for The Nutcracker. If you were selected, please watch for an email with details on the parent meeting and upcoming rehearsals.

Laura Geertsen

Tanner Baldwin

Party Girls:
Jaycee Preece
Mae DeBerard
Kassie Norris
Abi Isrealson
Hannah Anderson
Romy Niederhauser
Madelyn Mickelson

Party Boys:
Isaac Anderson
Rowan Green Teigeler
Asher Powell
Cedar Powell
Darius Kirschman
Grayson Bone
Jacob Snow

Isaac Anderson
Ethan Vice
Darius Kirschman

Sleigh Pages:
Eleanore Buckley
Hailey Waldron
Savannah Hansen
Allison Robinson

Russian Dolls:
Lizzie Spach
Livia Nebeker
Kiersten Daines
Charity Young
Rosie Wilson
Brielle Ribera
Staeli Ellis
Evelyn Casperson

Kate Baldwin
Layla McBride
Harper Anderson
Silvie Ellis
Ivy Buckley
Jasmine Krambule
Greta Fjeldsted
Ellie Hendricks

Flower Presenters:
Ivy Taylor
Lucy Nebeker
Avery Bell
Ava Smith