2018-2019 Class Pictures Schedule

We are excited to offer class and individual photos this year.  Attached is a PDF that lists the days and times for each of the class’s photos.  Our photographer has graciously given us her time to come take photos each day of the week during your student’s class (instead of one day during the week for all classes).  Please check the list and have your students there dressed and ready for their class photo and individual photo.  Have your student dressed in their classical ballet attire for technique class pictures (Females: black leotards, pink tights (no underwear), pink ballet shoes (black skirt is optional), and hair in a bun; Males: black pants, white shirt, black socks, black ballet shoes, and hair pulled neatly away from the face).  Students in the Modern class should talk to their instructor to find out what they’d like to have them wear for the photos.

Monday, February 25, 2019


1A/Kirschman/10:00 AM

TOD1/Kischman/10:25 AM

1G/Jenkins/3:45 PM

8AB/Kirschman/4:15 PM

2A/Jenkins/4:30 PM

5AB/Vernon/5:00 PM

3A/Jenkins/5:20 PM

6CD1/Vernon/5:45 PM

4A/Larsen/6:10 PM

Modern/Kirschman/6:35 PM


Wednesday, February 27, 2019


TOD4/Jenkins/4:10 PM

7CD1/Hansen/4:30 PM

1C/Jenkins/4:45 PM

4DE/Robbins/5:10 PM

2C/Jenkins/5:25 PM

6AB1/Robbins/5:50 PM

3C/Larsen/6:10 PM

3D/Jenkins/6:30 PM

10AB/Taylor/6:45 PM

TAIA/Taylor/7:00 PM

Friday, March 1, 2017


2E/Bailey/4:30 PM

3E/Bailey/5:00 PM

4C/Bailey/5:45 PM

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


TOD3/Jenkins/3:45 PM

1B/Kirschman/4:15 PM

2B/Bateman/4:30 PM

5CD/Kirschman/5:00 PM

3B/Bateman/5:20 PM

7AB/Erickson/5:40 PM

IT/Hansen/6:00 PM

5EF/Bateman/6:20 PM

6CD2/Emile/6:40 PM

TAB/Matthias/7:00 PM

Thursday, February 28, 2019


1D/Kirschman/10:00 AM

TOD5/Kirschman/10:25 AM

1E/Kirschman/3:45 PM

TOD6/Bateman/4:05 PM

6AB2/Lindley/4:20 PM

2D/Bateman/4:40 PM

9AB/Hansen/5:00 PM

1F/Larsen/5:25 PM

AT/Hansen/5:50 PM

4B/Larsen/6:10 PM

7CD2/Lindley/6:30 PM