Cinderella and CAPSA - A Story and a Cause Hand in Hand

by Artistic Director, Sandy Emile

Cinderella is not only a beloved fairy tale, but a beautiful ballet that has been a part of the Cache Valley Civic Ballet’s repertoire for 25 years. It’s a story we all know well: a young woman, nearly alone in the world, who finds grace to overcome cruelty and make a better life. First performed by CVCB in 1991, it returns to the stage this year as a story whose ending we all hope for and a cause we can champion. 

To spread it’s message of hope, CVCB will be dedicating this year’s performances to the cause of CAPSA. CAPSA is a local, non-profit organization that works to end domestic violence. Like a modern-day fairy godmother, CAPSA empowers individuals to live free from fear and from abuse by providing options and resources. 

Cinderella may be a fairy tale, but the need to provide safe and caring protection from domestic violence is real. To help CAPSA in their mission, donations will be collected during each of the performances of Cinderella. 

Thank you for your support of the ballet. It is an art form has great power to uplift and inspire. We are excited to share its power with our larger community to a greater extent, and add a little more beauty and grace to the world.


Thank you for helping us share the love!