Bring a Friend to Ballet Class Week

Cache Valley Ballet School is celebrating Valentine's Day with a special invitation this year. In an effort to “share the love” of ballet, we are encouraging students to invite a friend to ballet class during the week of Valentine’s Day - Feb 13-18. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity for students to share their passion, and a way for their peers to grow in appreciation for this beautiful art form.

All dancers will receive a flier and invite from their teacher. Students in level 5 or below, as well as the teen/adult classes, can invite a peer to join them directly in class. (If your class is 2x/week, the teacher will specify which class is open to friends.) Students in level 6 and up will be invited to come with a friend and observe a portion of the company rehearsal of Cinderella on Feb 18.

We this opportunity will be a fun and engaging introduction to the art and discipline of classical ballet.