Classroom Policies

Photo by Karyn Hansen

Photo by Karyn Hansen

Dress Code

  • Females Toddlers and Level 1-7: black leotards, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes (black skirt is optional)

  • Males Toddlers and Levels 1-7: black pants, white shirt, black socks, and black ballet shoes.

  • Level 8-10 must dress neatly for class.

  • Loose fitting clothing and dangling jewelry are not appropriate

  • Hair (securely fastened) must be pulled neatly away from the face and off the shoulders.

Classroom Policies

  • Punctuality is essential. If a student is more than 10 minutes late for class, he/she will be asked to observe the class rather than dance.

  • Gum chewing is not permitted in class.

  • The instructor should be notified if a student must leave early.

  • Students are advised to wait for their ride inside the building and to wear clothing over leotards and tights when coming to or leaving class.

  • Parents are responsible for students before and after classes.

  • Parents and non-enrolled students are not permitted in classrooms during instruction time except for the parent observation classes. (Last week of classes Fall Semester only).

  • A student may attend a makeup class due to illness or scheduled holidays on the same level or one lower with the administration's permission (instructor's will be notified of the students who will be attending their classes for make up classes). Contact the administrator at:

  • Monday students should attend make-up classes per semester due to scheduled holidays in accordance with the school's makeup class policy (Labor Day, MLK Day, Pres. Day).

  • In lieu of classes missed during Nutcracker week, students will receive one complimentary ticket to The Nutcracker (go to the Ellen Eccles Theater Box Office to receive ticket). For various reasons, there will be no granting of additional complimentary tickets.

  • If Logan City Schools are canceled due to bad weather, we will be closed also. We will notify you by email with changes to our class schedule and dates.

Payment Policies

No refunds are given after the second week of the semester or for absences, with the exception of prolonged illness or moving from the area.

A $5 late fee will be assessed monthly (on the 14th) for each account past due.

Payment Plan Information--Payment Plan Option excludes Summer Semester:
     Fall Semester
1st Payment: Required with Registration/Release Form
2nd Payment: October 1
3rd Payment: November 1
     Spring Semester
1st Payment: Required with Registration/Release Form, or if registration has been rolled over from Fall Semester it is due the 1st week of Spring Semester.
2nd Payment: February 1
3rd Payment: March 1

$10 discount is available only if tuition is paid in full and received in hand prior to the 1st week of classes. Pre-registration discounts exclude: Pilates, summer classes, late starts, and otherwise reduced tuition.

Credit card payments have a $5 non-refundable fee per registering student per transactions.